Popcorn Show and Sell

Popcorn is upon us!  If you would like to participate in Popcorn Show and Sell, please click the link below and fill 
Initially, please only sign up your scout for a 2 hours worth of time slots on each day.  If slots remain open after one week, we will allow scouts to add hours.  Each cell represents 1/2 hr.

Proceeds will be shared among all scouts who participate in Show and Sell, prorated by their time in the booth.

Dates and Locations

Saturday    Sept 19th      9am-3pm      Dunkin Donuts      10430 Shaker Dr
Sunday      Sept 20th      10am-6pm    Giant                    6480 Freetown Rd
Saturday    Oct 3rd         10am-4pm    REI                       6100 Dobbin Road
Sunday      Oct 4th         10am-2pm    Giant                    6480 Freetown Road
Saturday    Oct 10th       9am-2pm      Dunkin Donuts      10430 Shaker Dr
Sunday      Oct 11th       10am-2pm     Giant                   6480 Freetown Road