Pack 618 Dues Policy

Dues for the 2016-2017 Scout year is expected to be $200 per scout.

The first half of dues are due in October and the second half is due in January. Dues for October are $100 and January dies can be reduced with Popcorn sales.
To pay dues online, follow this link.

Reduce your dues with popcorn:

We also offer a mechanism to reduce the amount of dues a scout owes through popcorn sales.  For every $100 of popcorn your scout sells, his dues obligation is reduced by $35.  Our Pack earns 35% commission of sales.

Whipped Cream Pie Throwing incentive: any Scout selling $300 or more worth of popcorn can throw a whipped cream pie at the Uniformed Leader of their choice.

NOTE:  One of our Pack's objectives is that no boy be turned away from Scouting for financial reasons.   Please discuss your needs with your Den Leader or the Committee Chair.  Generally, it is preferred that a cost-sharing arrangement be reached.  It is also expected that the families who receive financial aid contribute to the pack in other ways by volunteering and selling popcorn to offset costs.